Commercial and Quantity Surveying (QS)

Commercial and Quantity Surveying (QS) CCMI’s Commercial and QS team focuses on establishing solid financial management procedures informed by international best practices. This entails monitoring commercial aspects of projects to control expected profit.

Our commercial team also supports clients in their efforts to minimize the cost of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met, preparation of estimates and costs, regular project progress updates in addition to the tracking of variations to contracts that may affect costs all while generating the required reports to show profitability.

Contract Management

Despite the similarities of projects, all projects have their own complexities which our Contract Management team have the expertise to oversee ensuring that terms and conditions of contracts are properly examined and shaped to meet the demands of delivering high-end projects. Adherence to deadlines based on the business’s objectives is an area our team focuses on from the outset to mitigate any challenges. This includes but not limited to working out contract procedures as per the standard contract documents and local regulations, knowledge of international construction laws to avoid contractual defaults, ongoing revisions of statement of claims, and assessment of cost of works.

Our role also entails evaluating contractor’s prolongation cost and disruption claims, commercial negotiations, and contract supervision, all of which focuses on effective communication, project management skills and the ability to inspire and manage change.

Planning and Cost Control

CCMI’s strategic planning and cost control team ensures the delivery of a project to the best standards while ensuring quality and cost control. In addition to on-site supervision and ongoing inspections, our team puts the same emphasis on the importance of adhering to regulations and safety measures of small and largescale projects alike. Our services include preparing and updating project schedules, designing work programs in addition to establishing key milestones for each phase of delivery. The team also monitors and provides strategic counsel on all aspects of a project while providing ongoing management updates on critical stages of delivery. This also includes preparing and submitting cash flow curves showing actual progress, identifying areas for improvements and methods for recovery, if any is required. To achieve this, our team invests in detailed day-to-day monitoring, regular updates utilizing proven methods including risk assessment, market benchmarking, cost analysis and contingency planning.

Legal Advisory

CCMI’s legal advisory team responsibilities include providing legal advisory and assistance on various aspects of a project’s lifecycle. This includes identifying legal issues, developing plans of action, and implementing the required actions swiftly all while adhering to agreed deadlines. This includes but is not limited to litigations, contracts disputes, resolutions and guidance on appropriate decisions and measures.